Friday, September 18, 2009

china phone and 2009 UAAP cheerdance comp

We've been having brownouts in Zamboanga for the past 2 weeks... but despite that I never thought the sunday for the 2009 UAAP cheerdance comp will also be black day... i was getting frustrated already (specially since i decided not to go anywhere so i can watch it)...

...until i remembered my cellphone has a TV function!!! I'm just glad it was only La Salle performing when i tuned in....
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I was able to watch UP's performance in full... it was a bit kulang sa "umpfh!" but im glad we still got the 3rd place. :-)
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- got this phone for Php8,500 only
- it's dual sim already
- brandless --- but it is advertised by Edu Manzano.. (konka!)
- it has TV and radio functions - i was told this is the only phone+TV with NTC sticker for approval
- speaker is soooo loud... stereo-type actually...

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  1. it sure is a good buy, for all those functions. talk about value for money.

    btw, care to exchange links? let me know, drop me a line at my turf. :)



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