Friday, September 4, 2009

the trip that started it all....

it only takes one fun trip and you'll end up addicted to travel...

i was very "kuripot" back then, would love to travel but doesn't dare go since i am more worried on the cost... this was a shotgun trip...Iya bought tickets to Kalibo before we can even say yes.... but then looking back i'm glad she did... :D

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my HSBC buddies... the girls who convinced me that it's ok to travel, cost may be a problem but everything will be worth it after....

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Serendipity made us really feel at home in Boracay...

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and no matter how many new establishments Boracay will have, Aria will always be our fave! :-)

one thing worth mentioning coz until now nothing beats this.... this is my first and only time to wake up real early...even before the sun's up.... to take a dip at the beach! :) and this is all because of imee... we were even able to catch a rowing team doing their stuff that early too! :D
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more trips followed after this one, specially when I transferred with GE... some I've even organized. :D In most cases it's always difficult to start something...good thing i enjoyed my first lakad. :)

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pigtails will forever remind me of this trip... :-) -- this is iya's

Boracay, Philippines
April 2006

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