Wednesday, September 16, 2009

zamboanga tour of GE friends

Finally, I was able to convince friends from Manila to come to Zamboanga... it had been my wish to invite friends over since college but i keep on getting excuses.... well you can't blame them... for one fare cost is quite expensive, but the major reason would be the abu's... sigh***

Out of the 8 who bought tickets, only 4 made it.... Karen, Ezra, Gagay and Julie. :)
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(Dianne backed out because her mom didnt allow her, Johanne is out of the country, Ray & Ryan came late and was not allowed to check in anymore..grrr! hehe)

These are just their first day photos... we brought them to the following:
- Cruz Mayor (Abong-Abong)
- Camp in Abong-Abong
- Butterfly park in Pasonanca
- Camp Atilano (Pasonanca)
- Barter (Canelar)
- La Vista (Upper Calarian)
- Fort Pilar (Rio Hondo)

I'm glad I was able to change their impression of Zamboanga... :)

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