Thursday, September 24, 2009

Canelar Barter

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this is one of the few remaining barters in Zamboanga City... you'll find a lot of things here ---- from our fave maggi kari noodles, sotanghon, coffee, Malaysian/Indonesian chocolates, batik, malong, clothes, pearls, etc...

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pashmina!!! just one of my faves here... you can buy them for as low as Php75, but it could also go up to Php180 depending on the type of material and designs....

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im impressed with ezra's haggling... a very natural "kuripot". ;)

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if you're good at finding good stuff amids piles of goodies and you're haggling skills are great, then you'll definitely love it here... :D visitors of Zamboanga City would usually flock this place for their "pasalubong".

- the sellers can be very "makulit", just be nice to them and they'll give you good cuts!
- wear something comfortable, it can get hot inside...
- better to bring small bills
- you may want to bring a bigger bag where to put your finds, they only use small plastic bags when you purchase.

Canelar, Zamboanga City
05 September 2009


  1. i like it to buy there i like to visit there again..



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