Friday, September 18, 2009

Cruz Mayor & Mt. Pulong Bato

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actually I didn't know it's called Cruz Mayor until i heard it from Leo... All I know is that this is the end of the 14 Stations of the Cross built on the side of the mountain which is our family's destination during Holy Week. I grew up having my Holy Thursdays spent on this mountain... our parents would wake us up really early so we can head to this place before it gets too crowded...

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This is the first time I saw this place empty... it was just our group spending time at the top with the great view of Zamboanga City and Gagay singing... And this is my first time to come up here with a ride... :-)

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The Cruz Mayor is well positioned in such a way that the Mt. Pulong Bato sits grandly behind it...there are stories behind this rock mountain... that will be my assignment for now... :-)

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...I just realized, the gang's trip here also made me experience Zamboanga City in a different way... I'll be posting a series of photos during our tour...hoping to include more info about the places we went...

Mt. Pulong Bato
Abong-Abong, Zamboanga City
05 September 2009


  1. udu ka!!!!! mtabaon aq sa pic!

  2. yung nktau sa taas! tae ka!!! 2nd pic

  3. baliw! di naman a.... nagiimagine ka lang hehehe keri na yan.. :D



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