Tuesday, June 28, 2011

THE Wedding Gown! by Dr. Ben Caranay

here's to start my already 2months delayed plan to blog about my wedding suppliers... :-)

the whole concept of the wedding started with the kind of veil i had in mind ... that's why I really have to start my wedding blogs with THE Wedding Gown. :-) I want a non-typical wedding, i've always despised the drama of long veils so i opted to go for a more chic birdcage veil! while trying to look for a perfect gown to match that kind of veil, I realized that creating a concept revolving around a 1950's theme would be very perfect. To completely deviate from the typical wedding gown (well at least i mean typical wedding gowns these days, and this side of the world), i made up my mind.... I want a birdcage veil with ostrich feather and if possible a big flower but not the kind that will overpower the whole ensamble, a gown with length just before my ankle or even better if halfway between my ankle and my knees... and then RED shoes! :-)
 at the start of the wedding preparation, i immediately asked my friend Rae for possible designers who will be able to help me with this crazy idea. He suggested Dr. Caranay and helped me contact him...

i think i've stressed Doc too much specially on the last days... :D hehehehe but i love how everything turned out.... the headpiece was the BEST! just as how i wanted it, no flowers but still it got the umphf i want! :D

the dress was not initially planned like this... our main goal is to somehow not show off the tummy yet... the plan was plain white from waist down and a somewhat laced top... i told Doc i don't want beadworks as much as possible... last minute he decided to lace the whole gown and have include a sash with brooch around the waist to help cover the tummy... it actually looked waayyy better! :-) super like!

the veil didn't help my dude's height, he's shorter by a couple of inches than me but i love how everything came together... from the veil, the gown, the shoes, the bouquet, and my dude's outfit too! just nevermind the height difference, looks like it doesn's show much in most photographs! :D

despite the effort to project a slimmer me, my preggy fatness had already started to show just about the time of the wedding week.... but still... im raving mucho about the gown... specially the VEIL! :D

and then the shoes! i really wanted red shoes! good thing my sister and Doc Caranay agreed to the idea... that even though during times that i was getting feedback from some that i should not wear these and use the usual shoes instead, they backed me up! weee! im glad i followed what i wanted and not someone else's! as i've said, i dont want a typical wedding hehehe ;D the hunt for the perfect red shoes started last february... only end of April did my sister finally showed me this one, and we immediately decided that this is it...

super thanks doc! nahihiya ako sayo dahil i think you even spend more that what you actually charged me pero really really thank you! you made the gown as close to how i imagined it to be... :D im so sorry for the stress too! :D i hope you would change your mind and go on designing wedding gowns for others too! :D

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