Thursday, June 30, 2011

zambo wedding supplier: CINESUR (videographer)

I just have to say that our wedding vid is one of the highlights of our wedding... it captured exactly the character of how we wanted the whole event to be remembered... not typical, with all the fun and wackiness in it, cool, no fuss, no drama... i'm sooo glad i found them! Cinesur I mean....

Leo and Charm from Cinesur Films on Vimeo.

our videographer hunt story:
i was trying so hard not to go for the famous wedding suppliers in Zamboanga but we only have less than 3months to prepare everything that's why i'm worried i might end up with the known... after ensuring that I have someone who'll worry about my gown, my next hunt was for the perfect photographer & videographer... I only have one goal in mind, that they would be as wacky and as candid as possible, and that they will produce better vids & photos than what i can picture in my mind... hehehe it was Clint of Cworks who directed me to Cinesur... I was eyeing for Treborz (they're the top videographer here in Zamboanga I guess) but they were booked already morning of the day they finally replied to email (that's after a week of waiting from my end)... well I suppose that was a blessing, because right now I couldn't imagine what our video would have been if we didn't get Cinesur... (naks! haba ng hair nyo mga pre! hehe).

As of our wedding, they were priced very far from what Treborz's charges. But just in case their prices have changed already, you may contact them through the following:

  • Facebook account: Cinesur 
  • email ad:
  • phone: +639174504454 (i think this is Dexter's number)
Just in case you want to view some of their works, it's available in this link: Cinesur Vimeo.

i'm such a big bad blogger for not taking photos with our wedding suppliers (specially my faves!)... so i just have to resort to my friend Juvee's photo of the Cinesur group. That's Derek, Paul, Dexter, and Mark. And I recently found out from Derek that they have a 5th member, Zurich. Wasn't able to meet him...

one cool fact about these guys... they're part of the Halaw team, the indie movie that won Best Film in Cinemalaya's 2010 festival. They have another entry this year, Teorya... hope they'll get the big win again!


  1. so pretty and fun :) like the red accent motif too <3

  2. Chamimay..Teoriya baka magtampo sila sayo...nakalimutan mo na nga sila picture-picture hehehe...pati movie nila nakalimutan mo narin..hehehe joke..peace;)

  3. Wow! I was shocked to see the blog and am also very happy that you liked the video we did for you :-) This is one of the reasons why we love what we do... Having someone appreciate the hardships we go thru every wedding to deliver our best. Thank you very much for appreciating us :-) charlene CFO of cinesur films

  4. wow. nice wedding video! :) i want something like this on my wedding day :)



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