Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5 blogs i regularly read

i decided to finally join in BC Bloggers' Meme... mainly because it's easy to create the post for this week's topic because i don't need to dig for some photos, which i don't have the time now... :-)

anyways, here's 5 blogs i regularly stalk! haha! they're good mood uppers! my happy blogs actually... :-)

1) Color Me Katie - trust me, you'll get hooked with her blog too! it's very much original and fun and happy and sooo positive! :-)

2) Daphne - im an F and Urbanzone fan! and it's just sad that both shows don't exist anymore. But it's nice to find and read Daphne's blog. From her serious posts to her more personal family posts, it's a feel good and a let's-get-down-to-business kind of blog. :-) informative too! :-) 

3) Denise Katipunera - i cant remember how i found her blog back in 2009 but her blog's what introduced me to fashion blogging (which i tried for some time and decided to drop because it's not really me haha but still i love browsing through fashion blogs), and to appreciate ukay clothes more! her blog's full of positive vibes too! so it's a nice little happy space to visit as well. :-)

4) Familia Kiki - Maqui blogs about her little boy too! and her mommy adventures... her son's anecdotes are fun to read... kinda comforting for me to know that i almost have the same experience with another mom,  raising my boy while working and spending only a few hours a day with him and maximizing our weekends. 

5) Ironwulf - one of my go-to travel blogs when i need to create an itinerary for a place to go to. A lot of lust-worthy off-the-beaten-path places in the Philippines are featured in his blog... makes my itchy feet syndrome peak!  :-) 


  1. i also watched urban zone before, I will follow Daphne's blog too! thanks=)

  2. charm naman, sa dami ng pictures sa blog ko, yun naka dasterr at di pa nagsusuklay yun napili mong ipost.
    hahaha. thanks thanks for including my blog in your list

    1. hehe sorry! di man lang ngpaalam noh? hehe i was trying to look for a pic kasi ninyo ni aki... was in a hurry already to finish the post at eto lang ang nahanap kong ang saya saya nyong dalawa hehe :D ok lang yan, very candid naman! :-)

  3. thank you so much charm. i love you too. am in awe. lalo na ka buddy buddy pala kami ni Daphne sa everyday reads mo. hehehehe. oh and i love color me katie. i could get lost in her blog. balik balik, post to post. thank you charm, you're one of my friends here in the "internet". hope to meet you someday.

    1. hunga! hope we can meet someday! ansaya lang noh, you'll find happy friends online! :-)

  4. Wonderful list. I checked them out and talaga naman, they are all interesting :)



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