Monday, October 5, 2009

mañanita --- have you ever experienced one?

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i grew up seeing mañanitas after mañanitas for my mom and my mom's close friends... at first i couldn't understand what it is for...i just hated being awaken very very early in the morning to be part of it... later it was explained to me that mañanitas are actually serenading a loved one for their birthday... but why it had to be done very early in the morning, im still figuring it out... :D

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this year we did it again for my papang... we had neighbors who sing well so we got them to do the serenade at 4o'clock in the morning... papang was at his usual shy mode...

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we included the cake with candle to make the whole shebang really feel like a birthday celebration... we served early morning breakfast to our guests too... :D

mañanita is a mexican term for birthday serenades... im wondering how it got here? was it through our spanish colonizers?

is this being practiced anywhere else in the Philippines? Would love to find out... :D please feel free to leave a note.. ;D

Duncaan, Boalan
Zamboanga City, Philippines
17 July 2009

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