Thursday, October 22, 2009

kiddie doodles

girls...nakakarelate ka ba dito??? sure sometime in your childhood you were also doodling things like these....
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found these while going through a magazine in leo's place... probably their helper's little girl left it there... instant travel through memory lane for me!!! :D

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i can clearly remember doing exactly the same things... having 2 papers put together then creating boxes in one sheet... going through the lines over and over with the pen so it's easier to tear it through the line to create this window effect... :-)

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then on the other sheet you can draw anything you want... it can be a cabinet for a really cool wardrobe, a refrigerator with all kinds of really good food... :) anything you can imagine... :D

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...though i think these paperdolls are more popular! :) i think there was even a time where the paperdolls are done half naked so that they can change clothes... so the creation fo their different paper clothes is another source of fun for us! :D

I noticed some difference in their paperdolls look compared to ours before... theirs seem to have a lot of influence already from anime and the korean fashion that's sooo everywhere... but still its nice to know that despite the years and all the changes in the world specially in technology, somewhere today these doodlings still exist! :D

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