Sunday, August 21, 2011

zambo resto review: Country Chicken!

been on a hunt for a good gourmet resto in zambo... there's just a few to consider but there's only 2 that i favor... Lantaka Hotel's resto (though i'm not totally impressed still) and Country Chicken. I am no stranger to Country Chicken because this had been my family's go-to resto during special occasions when we were still little.... i can remember their bilao and clam soup... that's what we always order back then... then i haven't been there for so long... until last year, when i met up with my elementary classmates... i made sure we'll meet there hehe... before that i always try to put off plans of trying country chicken, it's my last hope of a good gourmet resto in zamboanga... i always get disappointed with the restos we try around the city... and based on some friends' recommendation about gourmet food in Country Chicken, i hold on to the idea that at least there'll be one good resto here... i'm not so sure if the gourmet dishes had been in Country Chicken's menu... i can only remember the bilao.

the december meetup at Country Chicken did not disappoint me. I am raving about their pizza! and pasta too! although not as good as some of my fave restos in Manila, it's still good! It met my expectations.... hehe. Went back there several times after... and then we got a treat from Ma'am June Bugante who promised us a Country Chicken dinner once she starts to work again.... as the Region's Department of Tourism's Director! coolness!

this was served to Ma'am June before we arrived. The Chef wanted her to try this new patte that's not yet in their menu... it was supposed to be made of  olive oil with eel or something that exotic.. i forgot already, even failed to remember the name (i know blogger-fail again!). but this was good! 

and the bread that goes with the patte! made me miss Italiani's free focacia bread... hehe the soft freshly baked feel of this bread complements the patte.

ceasar's salad with parmesan cheese, nachos and bacon bits! this is one of my major frustrations here in zamboanga, there's only one variety of lettuce... just the iceberg lettuce... so any green salad you'll find in any resto here (or even if you want to have a home-made green salad), it'll just be iceberg lettuce...

this is callos i think.... name slipped my mind again! ugrh! hehehe but this is one of my fave dishes served that night!

and pasta! just as how i cook my version! super like... :-)

their homemade ice cream! tastes like sorbetes. I was too full to appreciate it but enjoyed it somehow...

ambiance-wise... pasadong pasado!!!! i love the homey feel.... :-)

and what's good food without good people to have good chitchats with! :-) Kaladkarin's food trip again!

i got too excited about the pizza served that i forgot to take photos of it... t'was my fave pa naman.

it was just me, edsel and ma'am june who really enjoyed the gourmet dishes.... the rest of the kaladkarins wanted to have rice, so the usual bilao was served. I guess this is one major reason why gourmet restos do not flourish here in zamboanga.... most people here prefer rice-heavy meals, that's what they're used to...

Country Chicken
Pasonanca, Zamboanga City
02 June 2011

camera: Canon Powershot D10


  1. Setup of this resto is unique and I like the ambiance. I like the title and concept of this blog, its really bagay na bagay! ^_^

  2. Hi Charmie!

    I'm Ina-Tay and a resurrected blogger. It was great reading your post on Country Chicken, makes me want to visit Zambo soon. You see I'm Zamboangena by birth and Davaoena by heart. Great to find Zambo bloggers after a looong search. Will frequently visit your blog. Muchisimas gracias! :)



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