Tuesday, August 23, 2011

zambo resto review: Mang Paeng's Inasal

first heard about this place last March, when the kaladkarins  told me they had lunch there after their fire brigade competition.... i'm not really a chicken BBQ fan so i did not bother to try it... but when my dude wanted to have some BBQ one day, i suggested that we check out Mang Paeng's. I'm not sure if i heard it right that there are several Mang Paeng's already in zamboanga... but what we checked out was the one in Sta Maria... along Governor Ramos, somewhere near the side of the Sta Maria Parish Church. That place used to be St. Mary's Grill... 

we intended to try the chicken BBQ... it was really good! for only Php70 you'll get this already.... :D

we noticed the chicken pianggang in the menu... it's a Malaysian style way of cooking BBQ... it taste like there's some coconut milk somewhere during the preparation... i've already heard about people raving about the chicken pianggang in Mindpro, i still can't get myself to try it, so i grabbed the opportunity to have a taste of what pianggang is once i saw this in Mang Paeng's menu.... i initially thought it's sauce-rich... but it looks like the usual BBQ... but i love the spicy and flavor richness of the chicken.... this is a must try!!!

and this is my super star during that meal! i'm a very vinegar lover... and this.... their vinegar is just one of the best i have tried.... hehehe... it may just be me... but really i love their vinegar mix! :D

photographed their menu.... just in case you want to check out what else is available in Mang Paeng's.... definitely it's a no pork place! :D


Mang Paeng's Inasal
Governor Ramos Avenue
Sta Maria, Zamboanga City
Tel No. (062) 955-0288


  1. food trip! i agree.. one nice place to eat.. food is served fast.. the crew is attentive.. presently, i am having a love affair with their hongkong-style steamed lapu-lapu..

    ....and i assume the kaladkarins includes rae and mam nadie? hahaha..

    dok bj.

  2. hi doc! thanks for visiting my blog! hehehe naaaliw ako pag may bumibisita and ngcocomment... :-) yeah, kaladkarins include rae and mam nads! :D will try that steamed lapu lapu next visit.. .:D

  3. I'm quite a foodie as well. Not enough to post a blog about food (you'll never know, though), but a foodie nonetheless.

    Congrats for being nominated, and thanks for adding me. The favor is returned, and I'm one of your followers as well. :)

    Pls let me know what happens in Gen San tomorrow. I won't be there.



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