Sunday, August 7, 2011

zambo trip ng mga igits - 2 of 2

we were supposed to go to Sta Cruz island that day.... but just that weekend, weather's bad for zamboanga city... major fail for the planned trip to the pink island... big waves that the small boats that would take us there even backed out (although there was one group who still dared the waves)... i cant take the risk, i have this little buddy inside me.. too sad though, it would have been dianne, etz, ray and ryan's first time to go there (and some CMZ friends who came that morning at Paseo del Mar to join us). we forgot to summon the power of itlog....

just to make sure the day's not wasted we just brought them to Puerto Villa, a beach resort somewhere in Patalon.... when we got there big waves still welcomed us... but it contributed some fun to the Patalon trip (pseudo-body surfing of some sort for them! hehe although, you will definitely end up with a bruise or wound because the beach's not pure sand... stones are aplenty!). i've been to this resort in Patalon several times, and most of the time i find it boring, except for that day... the big waves really added character to the beach... 
my travel buds from manila... ryan, ray, ezra, dianne and etz

i was not able to really prepare good food for their trip but still found a way to have something to answer their seafood galore craving (wala nga lang crabs... suri!)

my dude and his buddies... they were the first ones to play crazy with the waves
first time i saw ray play with waves this big was during our bataan trip... i didn't expect he's the type who would have fun for something like this! hehe
we had 2 underwater cams with us that time... while ezra and me were doing my underwater preggy shoot, this is what kept them busy... nice! :D

videoke session at Bojol... t'was their last night anyway... just trying to make the most of their time... i think we tire them too much!

and as if we were not yet stuffed that day... we still had a little late dinner at chinito's! (my fave find that night.... grilled sinigang! yummy!)


  1. Hi Charmie! How u doing? Just wanna say thank u for creating a nice page. Am so missing Zamboanga and I couldn't wait any longer to be back home. I was Googling pictures of Zamboanga and I came across ur blog. :)

  2. hello! thanks so much for the nice comment! :D you should go visit soon... in the next years so much will be happening for zamboanga... and im so excited about it... :D hope to know your name! :D

  3. Those seafood looks so appetizing!
    Looks like you had fun!
    Take care!

  4. You guys really know how to have fun! =)
    Choose Happiness

  5. heeeyyy guys.. i was looking for images that has the same name as mine, and in one photo, i recognized leo and cocoy.. hmmm could this be? well, when i scrolled down... confirmed!!!

    nice blog!!


    1. hi rawen! thanks for dropping by! kahit na by accident lang im glad you found my blog! :D welcome!!!

      probably the reason why you were led here kasi somewhere sa blog ko na to e i made a post about you, ritzie and allan... im blogging about our wedding suppliers kasi... :-) here's the link:



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