Thursday, July 28, 2011

zambo trip ng mga igits - 1 of 2

it's nice to have friends come over and visit me here in zamboanga... although i know their ulterior motive is to go to Sta Cruz island... hehehe just kidding... they're my travel buddies back in Manila. This is ezra's 2nd time and first for Ryan & Ray (naiwan sila ng plane last time), Dianne (marami kasing excuses dahil takot pumunta ng Zamboanga) and Etz.

Last time i have friends over, my preps was over the top... and we had so much fun going around zambo & sta cruz island. (2009 zambo trip ng mga igits posts: GE Pips in Zambo , Mt.Pulong Bato, Freedom Park, Jardin Lobregat, Camp Atilano & Tree House, Sta Cruz -1, Sta Cruz - 2, Canelar Barter, Sta Cruz - 3, Fishpond, Sta Cruz - 4, Kape Zambo, Cawa-Cawa). But sadly this time, i barely did any preparation because of work and my pregnancy... i hope somehow they still had fun during their super quick trip...considering the planned sta cruz island trip was cancelled due to bad weather.

Guiwan Market
i was this unprepared that i have to drag them to the market after picking them up from the airport... :D but looks like they had fun going around that small place... hehe

Fort Pilar Shrine
last time i brought the previous group here there was a mass going on, we made sure there's none at the time we went there.

Zamboanga National Museum
they didn't get to come here last time too! so we made sure this is one of our first started to rain after we went around the museum. btw, they've closed the "aquarium"-like part of the place.

Canelar Barter
they have a shorter trip this time so we made sure we'll have their barter needs covered soonest so we'll have the rest of the time going around.

Pasonanca Park
weather's not really nice to us that day. We made a quick stop at the Pasonanca park for a little shoot and for them to see that famed Tree House.

Kape Zambo
and to end the day... we spent time to just chillax at Kape Zambo. Sound trip and food trip galore.

everywhere around Zambo

some photos used were from Ezra Montemayor (as indicated)

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  1. Wow, great photos. I would love to visit Zamboanga! Those batik malongs are gorgeous! -Mar
    Btw,I'm hosting a giveaway with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake plus an additional scarf too! Do join if you can, it's open international!



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