Friday, July 22, 2011

zambo foodtrip: VG Queen Health Food Center

this is a nice foodie find for me! after trying the nice veggie resto in Tacloban last year, I was really hoping there's also a veggie resto here too... when i told my friends about this they recommended VG Queen to me. We've been planning to go there since last year but...well at least finally we get to try it now! :-) I was told that you are required to finish everything that's on your plate. So we're up with the challenge... hoping food is good. 

It's located at Campaner St. That's the street that leads to the back of McDonalds (the one located in front of Zamboanga Cathedral). Just at the part of the street that's about to curve, you'll find this old building with the yellow VG Queen signboard.

it's not as posh as the veggie resto i've encountered in Tacloban... so don't set your expectations too high. setup is more carinderia-like. The owner is a chinese so you'll see a lot of chinese stuff inside the shop.... and lots of Vegan & food wastage reminder. :-) 

it's basicall self-service. you may stuff your plate with as many as you want. they will charge you Php20 per 100grams. veggie BBQ and rice costs Php10. they have a lot of choices... only thing i didn't like is i don't know the names of the dishes... :D

this is my plate... i guess i overestimated my capacity to eat... took a lot of pasta... i was the last to finish, was forcing all of these in my stomach even though i was already full with just half of what's in my plate. the BBQ's ok, nothing to really rave about. Pasta is good. the mongo sprouts are a fave! it's still crunchy and feels like it's not cooked but doesn't tastes raw. and there's this intestine-looking veggie dish that's also a favorite!

except for the fact that they're serving healthy food, i don't have anything specific to rave about the place. it's nice that there's a vegetarian resto in zamboanga... i've heard they've been operating for years already i hope they'll exists longer... i've noticed that during lunchtime there are a lot of customers too! so i suppose they really have their support. :-)

VG Queen Health Food Center
Campaner St., Zamboanga City
Tel No.: (062) 991-9191
29 June 2011

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