Saturday, July 16, 2011

zambo foodtrip: Bibing's BBQ stand

for a city that is very much a meat-lover a barbeque stand will surely be a hit... but this Bibing's BarbQ stand flourished and had grown bigger... i was told that they had been selling barbeques for years already but i only get to try them back in 2009, my dude introduced me to their barbeque... there's nothing really extraordinary about it but it's very filling and tastes just perfect, not too salty or anything, just the average barbeque you would want with a very hot soy&calamansi sawsawan. it's along the way to my dude's house so everytime we need to have our barbeque fix, we always buy it from this stand.

and on one of my kaladkarins' foodtrip fridays they decided to try Bibing's barbeque... and despite my grounded status (for now), i insisted on joining them... :-)

Bibing's BarbQ stand is located along Sta Maria Road. If you're from Zambo's downtown, you'll find it on the left side of the road just right after the Edwin Andrews Airbase Gate and before the Blue Diamond (what a landmark! hehe). It's just a small carinderia but you'll never miss it because it's the only place on that side of the road that is literally smoking once they open in the afternoon.

here's the place's signboard, just so we're very sure. :-)

this is what's going to welcome you once you're at the front. non-stop cooking of kilos of barbeques for customers who would either eat at their carinderia or just take the barbeques home. There are times that you have to fight your way inside and to the lady who's taking your orders because customers just seem to keep coming. there's always another person who's trying to have his order taken

and if you choose to eat there, here's how their carinderia look like. somewhat clean. serve yourself with all the sili and calamansi you can have (the supplies are in the lower part of this pic)

each stick now costs Php16. It had gone up but still worth it though... I can finish 4 pork barbeque sticks and 2 chix atay... hehe

i need to control my weight gain so i have to stop myself from getting another serving of rice... :-)


a little sidetrip after foodstuffing... since we were still too full we decided to have a little walk and shoot at Paseo de Jardin in Pasonanca.... trying to feel not too guilty... :-)

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