Sunday, July 17, 2011

zambo foodtrip: ISAW sa Paseo del Mar

just one of those random foodtrip fridays ng kaladkarin. :-) found a way to dodge my grounded status and joined them since they've been craving for isaw the whole week already. They've been raving about how good the isaw  is at Paseo... so despite the little rain, we headed to that crowded place....

for now i think there's only one resto selling isaw in Paseo. It's at the end part of the stretch of restaurants on the right side. The one selling the famous Knicker Bucker's also the one selling the isaw. They've setup this cart where they grill and fry street foods... aside from isaw and tempura, i think i remember trying their chicken balls too (you'll taste more potato than chicken hehehe). 
isaw costs Php1.00 per stick. this tastes really good! i'll vouch for this! a must try!
tempura costs Php5.00 per stick. i'm just ok with their tempura. i think i prefer the tempura we use to have along cawa-cawa or inside Grandstand... the one being sold by street vendors. :-)

some of the kaladkarins. edsel (left most) is usually the one who starts a craving that ends up to be our friday foodtrip destination... :D

Paseo del Mar, Zamboanga City
01 July 2011


  1. I sooo love isaw! And for P1 only?! Bliss!

  2. hehehehe yeah! i didn't know how much it is until just before i published this post... i have to ask my foodie buddies first because it was their treat so i didn't get to know how much... Php1! im definitely going back for more! hehehehe :D

  3. hmmm at ako tlga ha ang pasimuno nito,,hihihi..i just love to eat and eat basta stressful and depressed...more to go pa tau iikutin natin lahat,,,



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