Tuesday, July 5, 2011

zambo wedding supplier: TWIGHT! (lights&sounds)

another fave find! when we were preparing for the wedding, i didn't bother myself with the lights and sounds and asked my hubby to do the search instead... he happen to know Twight for several events already (i guess including our homecomings).... when he told me we're getting Twight, I was a bit hesitant at first because they're charging us half of the price our office paid for the lights and sounds  we had last christmas party... i tried to compare notes... but decided in the end to just trust hubby on this.... 

wedding day... i was a bit overwhelmed with all the smoke and bubbles... they've been very generous -- super like! probably i really had very small expectations from them that my reaction after seeing how they've contributed to the "simple but elegant" feel i wanted the reception to have seems a bit exaggerated... :-) but then, i just really think we got more than what we paid for... :D

for now there's no way to contact them online... they do not have photos to show just yet... but i would definitely vouch for them... :-)

they may be reached through these numbers: 0929 330 0420 or 0916 184 6452

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