Monday, July 18, 2011

zambo wedding singers: Allan, Rawen & Ritzie!

another part of the wedding which i completely entrusted to hubby.... i'm into a lot of different types of music but we both agreed that our wedding songs will be mainly acoustics... his fave and mine too... (was actually thinking also of reggae if only the wedding singers can do it...). he told me he's getting Allan, his friend who regularly sings in Kape Zambo (one of our fave hangouts here in zamboanga) to sing during reception. and told me further that Allan will be bringing 2 more girls to sing with him, sisters Rawen & Ritzie. I've already heard Allan sing and play the guitar, and he's really good! i am very confident he would really do justice to the songs we wanted for the wedding... i was a bit hesitant about the 2 girls because i never had the chance to hear them sing in Kape Zambo... 

Leo asked me for the songs i want to be included in our list.... I told him to make sure Never Saw Blue Like That by Shawn Colvin, Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk, Lucky by Colbie Callait & Jason Mraz and a lot of other Colbie Callait songs are included in the list. On his part he wanted Jason Mraz songs and his all time song for me daw - The First Time I Love Forever (cheeziness galoreeee!!!).

Leo chose Never Saw Blue Like That for our entrance at the reception... that was the first time I heard Rawen sing... i kept on smiling the whole time... i really really like the way she sang it. :-) and then Ritzie sang The First Time I Love Forever for our first dance.... it was sooooooo smooth and soooo nice! super love... kulang na lang yung Somewhere I Have Never Traveled poem snippets... :-) Leo had it in his mind daw during preps to say the poem in between the singer's part but completely forgot about it already during the day.

too bad we chose to only have an SDE video that's why moments like that was not completely captured... so when we had the chance to be at Kape Zambo while it was our wedding singers performing, we asked them to sing our songs again and i was able to get a video of 2 of the songs. :-)

here's Never Saw Blue Like That (sorry for the dark vid and the noisy friends behind camera!)

and here's Feels Like Home. they sang this when we had the cutting of the cake.

Kape Zambo's close as of this blogpost (for renovation). I know Allan still performs in Mano-Mano in Paseo del Mar. You may want to check them out there. :-) And just in case you want to consider them for weddings or whatever, here's Allan Ebojo's number: 0915 397-7745. :-)

Kape Zambo
Canelar, Zamboanga City
11 June 2011

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  1. It's always good to get an idea of what songs are best to have at your wedding or which wedding singers to use, it's nice to read/listen to/watch someone else's opinion!



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