Sunday, July 10, 2011

old school mails

i can't remember what drove me to go through my stuff last February... probably the wedding preparation did... and i encountered my old letters.... most of these were sent to me by highschool friends, kuya and mamang when I was in 1st year college in UP.... the internet was just beginning to take over the Philippines at that time, it's not as accessible now as it was back then (i remember paying Php60/hr before in some net cafes in UP Shopping Center!!!). 

These made me realize how much i miss exchanging written letters with friends before... just imagine how much effort is being put in each letter sent... from what stories to tell, what stationary and pen to use, if some time can be spared just to write letters, if it will be sent an ordinary mail only or will need a special delivery.... i really really appreciate that we had these correspondence before, it helped me cope with my sudden new life in Manila... these exchanges went on until the 2nd semester of my 1st year (1998-1999)...after that, we're all hooked with the net... and exchanges became less and less... either because it's easier and faster and can be done just anytime or we just all end up too busy with college....

but it's nice to see these letters again.... very heartwarming, made me smile after reading all the gossips and secrets shared... since we will be fixing the room for the baby, i will be kicking out some old stuff, but these... these pretties will remain close to me, so its staying... :-)

this kind of communication is going to be extinct any time soon, i'm pretty sure.... which gave me an idea just now.... *wink wink!*
my usual penpals: cherry, ela, monira, kuya, mamang, izzy, julius.... had a letter or 2 from hubby leo (i did not allow him to send me letters then, but he found a way! haha)

how about you, are you also keeping old notes like these? :-) 

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  1. I have a few in Cebu! But the past years if it is snail mail, big risk that even if I wrote it, I can't send it na.



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