Sunday, July 24, 2011

kusina experiment: mango crepe w/ butterscotch sauce!

i have days when i would think of something to cook out of nowhere... most of the time trying to mix different food ideas i get from all my food trips... for this, i combined the idea i got from that unforgettable butterscotch banana we had during our Pagudpud trip (had it at Kapuluan Beach Resort) plus that "orgasmic" (according to my friend ezra) deja vu crepe of Cafe Breton... :-)

months ago i've discovered how to make fresh lumpia wrappers... well not really discovered but tried what i found online... and decided i could use the same for a crepe... although texture was still a bit different, so i've tried to search again for a crepe recipe... i should have added milk.... i will still have to try that later. :D 

anyways, for now here's my mango crepe with butterscotch sauce recipe. it's basically made of 3 parts: the crepe with mango, butterscotch sauce, and the ice cream! :-)
the mango crepe
     what you'll need:
          sweet ripe mangoes - as many as you want!!!
          1 egg, lightly beaten
          1/2 cup water
          1/4 cup cornstarch
          dash of salt
          oil to grease the pan

     here's how:
          1. Mix egg, water, cornstarch and salt thoroughly until smooth
          2. Take about 1/4 cup of batter to make each crepe (piece of wrapper)

          3. Brush some oil on a non-stick pan. Spread the batter thinly by turning the pan 
              around. Cook only one side of the crepe over low heat.
          4. Using a spatula, lift the crepe out of the pan.
          5. Arrange the mangoes on the half part of the crepe then fold.

          - Don’t keep the crepe too long on the pan as it will be toasted. 
          - When it turns slightly brown or small bubbles appear on the surface, it’s cooked!
          - if you don't have a non-stick pan, a brush and the cover of that trusty saingan is a 
            good alternative
the butterscotch sauce:

 what you'll need:
          4 tablespoons unsalted butter
          1 cup of brown sugar
          3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream (nestle cream would do!)
          1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
          dash of salt
     here's how:
          1. Melt butter under low to medium heat.
          2. Before the butter is completely melted, add the brown sugar. Stir until sugar is  
              uniformly wet.
          3. Stir infrequently until mixture turns from looking grainy to molten lava. This will 
              take about 3 to 5 minutes.
          4. Once you'll notice that the caramelizing brown sugar begins to feel and look more 
              liquid than a thick wet sand, add the cream. Use a whisk at this point.
          5. Lower the heat while whisking the cream into the mixture. Once the liquid is 
              uniform turn back the heat and continue whisking for another 10minutes. Turn off 
              once this boiled after the 10minutes.
          6. Add the salt and vanilla extract. Taste, and add salt and vanilla until your desired 
              butterscotch taste is achieved.

          - The whole process will happen really quick so make sure all ingredients are 
            measured and are ready within reach before starting.
the ice cream and the final touch!!!
 what you'll need:
          mango crepe (arranged as mentioned above)
          butterscotch sauce
          mango or vanilla flavored ice cream (other flavors may not be good for this!)

 here's how:
          drizzle butterscotch sauce all over the mango crepe and on the sides as you wish. 
          Add a scoop or 2 of mango or vanilla ice cream. Best served while crepe is hot and 
          ice cream is at its perfect state! ENJOY!!!

sourced of recipes:
Simply Recipes - for the butterscotch sauce
Pinoy Recipes - for the crepe

mango crepe arranged and photographed by my dude!


  1. ooooh, your crepe looks so yummy
    love it!

  2. Wow! I will try this. I have tried makng crepes before and they were failures. I think I will give it another try.



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