Monday, August 9, 2010

fernandez resort, samal island (davao 3 of 7)

it was a backpacking trip... initially we didn't have plans to spend the night in Samal Island (since it's just 15minutes away by RORO), we just thought of going there real early, head to the places of interests in the island then go back to Davao even after sundown....

but last minute we looked for a place to stay. we chose the one that's accessible to the places we want to go... i particularly made sure we're near the Hagimit falls... :D me and my dude were deciding between Rocky Resort and Fernandez Resort. Nothing too fancy about these 2 resorts compared to the famous Paradise Island Resort and the Pearl Farm. We opted to go for a cheap place and spend the whole day going around Samal Island... :-)

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Fernandez resort, just like the other resorts in almost every inch of Samal Island beachline, had setup nets around their beach to filter whatever dirt that can settle in their beach... everytime i see these fence-looking barriers around the beach (including the one in Paradise Island) i'm reminded of the similar fence in Caylabne resort in Cavite.... made me think twice to enjoy a swim (the Caylabne water was even worst because i remember seaweeds already looking black). but the sand on the beaches of Samal Island are really nice... not Bora-nice but it's good... :-)

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i can't find my photo of the room we got... we picked a fan room (tipid mode to the max!)... we got it for Php750.00 only... had we opted for an airconditioned room it's around Php1,200.00 in Fernandez Resort... already a good deal i think. :D However, the cottage in the photo are for day-trippers. :D

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i like the chillax feel of their resto... food's cheap here too! was too hungry i forgot to take photos of the menu... was even laughing hard when they brought us 4 plates... oh yeah that's how much we ordered.... a meal for 4 and there's just 2 of us... :D

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good thing they have a pool. but you have to pay Php70.00...

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here, i got a photo of the beach water... this is the reason why i opted not to dare swim... hehehe might trigger an allergy attack for me... :-(

but overall, for a backpacking trip, the Fernandez resort is good to consider... you can walk to the highway if you need to catch the bus already. Also, it's near the Warehouse area. :-)

Fernandez Resort
Samal Island
Davao City
25-26 June 2010

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