Saturday, August 14, 2010

red berry yogurt station (Mindpro Mall)

i've been noticing this yogurt shop in Mindpro since last year...with the current yogurt war in Manila (a lot of shops sprouting all over) it's a treat for me to know there's one shop here in Zamboanga City too!:-) although i'm a yogurt fan i just don't have the craving yet to really try RedBerry Yogurt in Mindpro and it took me a year to really check it out... :D

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i was craving for sweets with berries so i picked the blueberry and strawberry toppings (with some chocolate bits too! hehehe).

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The plain yogurt costs Php60 and you have to add Php20 to add 3 toppings. An Php80 treat in Zamboanga! (Php80 is high priced already for this city). it's a wonder for me how this is still surviving... :-)

it's inside the Mindpro Mall... the stalls near the entrance of Mindpro groceries.

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although i'm happy that a yogurt shop is surviving in Zamboanga, im a bit disappointed with the toppings though... the berries i got are just from the can... nothing fresh... the other options (kiwi, sprinkles, white chocos, etc.) still feels like artificial for me... so the healthy part of selling yogurts here are just simply offset by the artificial toppings... i hope they would consider fresh fruits that are sooooo abundant in Zamboanga City. :-)

and i hope they wont close... :D

Red Berry Yogurt Station
Mindpro Mall, downtown Zamboanga City


  1. Wow this looks yummy! I should try it one time. Thanks for sharing! :)

    I’m a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back. Thanks! Happy Monday!

  2. Hi! I'm from Cebu and I tried redberry when I was in CDO. Do you happen to know if there's one here in Cebu? I really miss it!! it's really better and cheaper compared to the shops here in cebu. I did try to ask the vendor though but she only thinks there's one here in cebu but she's not sure.

  3. hello! was the CDO redberry the same with what i featured here? that would be cool... i thought it was just a zambo store... :-)

    im not sure about cebu branch... so sorry i wont be able to help you with that... :-(



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