Friday, August 13, 2010

going around Samal Island (davao 7 of 7)

although i had included Samal Island in our itinerary but I didn't expect it would be the best part of the trip... :-) and the whole experience was a revelation to me... hehehe

i've always though of Samal Island as an island... a small patch of land with real nice beach... i didn't even bother to look it up... good thing we decided to spend a night there.... :-)
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nice roads in going around (although the part that leads to the bat caves are still not cemented)

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i didn't expect Samal Island is almost a city... gasoline stations at some points... :-)

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and i didn't know they have a Mayor... so already independent of Davao... :-)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic's their central market... :-)

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we hired a habal-habal for our tour... t'was spacious for me and my dude... :-) we paid him Php400 for the whole afternoon tour.... anyone interested to hire "Gay" here's his number: 0906-507-7244. i noticed that the habal-habal drivers are not yet tourist-oriented. Although they know where to take tourists but for Gay's case he seem to be not very much aware of the opportunities... probably because most Samal Island visitors would usually just go to the beach resorts... after he brought us back to Fernandez resort, we had a chat with him... i told him of what tricycle drivers of Pagudpud do whenever tourist approach them for a tour... they have a ready list of places to go to and even have laminated photos! :-) i hope he'll figure it out too... hehehe well at least he got some ideas... he told us about some other point of interests in Samal Island that we may want to consider next time... :-)

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the RORO bus travels from Bagak port all the way down to the towns of Kaputian and Penaplata... :-) This covers major points of Samal Island. :-)

Samal Island, Davao City
25-26 June 2010


  1. eh anong pinuntahan nyo sa tour?

  2. thanks for your post. I'm looking for a way to go around Samal and it seems that the only way to go is habal-habal? thanks for the number.

    1. im glad im able to help celeste... and i hope his number still works...hehe this had been almost 2years ago.... enjoy your samal vacay! :-)



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