Sunday, March 27, 2016

easter beach morning

that once in a blue moon instance na si daddyboo ang ngyayang lumayas.... :-) kaya go! :D

we have not been to the beaches in zambo's west coast since motmot turned 1... we've always been here though before mateo, always between 6-9am... always in La Vista... 

kaya we decided to do this again this easter.... only to be disappointed dahil we were not allowed in La Vista because its just 630am  and that they are full for the day based on the reservations.... so for the first time, my boys met the Golf Beach Resort (ang tanging beach resort na madalas naming puntahan nung high school dahil cheaper than la vista).... and as expected, they're a bit disappointed for not finding sand.... haha!

these 2 love going to the beach...for the sand...they're not much of swimmers yet.... but im glad they still end up having fun hunting for stones with shapes they can play with.... t'was still a good 2-3hrs! 

baril baril daw! :-)
sooo low! kaya ang saya lang ng paomat!
hello trice! :-)
still crazy over tractors!
the signature tree sa gitna ng kalsada ng Golf... :-)

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