Saturday, March 19, 2016

we had 2 kites up!

after the successful first kite-flying attempt this season, we decided to get more kites! and the daddyboo had an impromptu "tara palipad tayo ng kite" moment that without questions asked we were all set to go to the nearest open field... :-)

daddyboo tried the diamond-shaped kite, while i tried with our kite from last time..... oh how easy to have a kite up!!! i just let it go and it flew on its own!!! all i need to do is to slowly release more string so it can climb higher!!! the boys got easily bored with this tuloy... they end up picking ripe "putok putok" (urgh i still don't what its really called)...

a lot of passerbys are checking on our kites.... we end up giving one to a kid who had been watching and cheering on our kites the whole time.... :-)

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