Thursday, March 31, 2016

march2016 random paomat moments

i don't what's gotten into these 2 and they suddenly wanted to have photos with jobee (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)
and need din na may tig-isa (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)
di pa nakuntento... when they saw another jobee inside KCC, ngdemand pa... (KCC - 2016.03.12)
trip to the mall is an event for these 2 since we dont get to bring them often (we live a bit far, and going to the only big mall in zambo on weekends after lunch is parking suicide hehe) - (kcc - 2016.03.12)
during the tambay in jobee camins, they have their favorite spot for watching planes during take-off or landing (jollibee camins - 2016.03.12)

bowtie moment with ze motmot (rigoddon,palmeras - 2016.03.19)
i'm not a big fan of the church, but i want these 2 to experience my childhood as much as they can... and part of it is the traditions of the church... we brought them to the longest mass of the Holy Week... hehehe lotsa questions after seeing the angels practice for the next day's encuentro, the zipping fire during the blessing of the fire.... but kids will be kids and they get bored so easily, so eventually they'll run around! the only thing that made these 2 sit down for more than 30min was the promise of buying them balloons..... :D - (mercedes, march 26,2016)
paolo had reached the point where he knows how to take care of his balloon so it will last at least more than 24hrs.... but motmot is still learning the trade... hehe he lost his the following afternoon.... kaya nung ngpic kami with the stickers on the cabinet + the plane balloon.... winner lang ang facial expression while he looked on kuya potpot's! haha... and ang prayer... "jesus...bigyan mo ko ulit ng balloon ha???"

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