Saturday, March 19, 2016

pao's nursery awards day

done with our first time in real a full 10month schoolyear.... :-) you were pretty crazy during the first month kuyapotpot... crying so much everytime i leave you at school... but to my surprise during the first school program your teacher told me that you were one of the good ones... everytime i check your books and see perfect scores in every exercises, i thought your teachers are too nice to be giving all of you perfect scores... but it was already you doing good.... :-) 

the biggest shock was even when after the 2nd activity in school your teacher showed us the top 5 during the first quarter... i did not expect you to be part of it (bad mommy! haha) but still i tried to look at no.5 first just in case you made it....  but no, you were not no.5, not even no.3... you were no.1!!!! akalain mo! :-) me and daddyboo knew you are really good so we decided to nurture you further.... but only to fail at some point because we got too busy.... but you are still doing good! towards the end, i tried to catch up on coaching you but you've shown me how you've actually mastered things on your own.... so i was confident we will end our first schoolyear really good.... :-) and you never failed us..... 

you are sooooo me..... that stubborn, difficult kid who seem to have a really good grasp of the things around you that we adults treat you like adults only for you to show us at some points that you're still a kid.... 

you are soooooo me..... that stubborn, difficult kid who seem to have a way of doing things on your own, who is overly excited a lot of times but still knows your limit.... we clash, i know. im as stubborn as you babe.... you're actually teaching me to raise a me.... :-) loveu to the edge of the universe and back!!!

 - posted March 21,2016

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