Saturday, January 22, 2011

Centrist Democratic Movement

last night i joined some of my officemates to attend some sort of an informal meeting initiated by the Centrist Democratic Movement. I can actually remember Dr. Calma inviting us about this last year. Politically apathetic that I am I did not show interest. But last night I decided to be there and hear what it's all about.

The Centrist Democratic Movement in the Philippines was organized last year. Throughout the night I was trying to figure out what the CMD organization was all about (i honestly do not have any idea when i accepted the invite hehe)... at first I thought they were a political group... but I understand in the end that although they have an advocacy (Human Dignity, Subsidiarity, Social Market Economy, Democracy, Responsibility, Equality and Justice), they were going around the country to help facilitate creation of CMD-based organizations among young professionals... or the next in line as they were pointing out.

The advocacy looks promising... the meeting even evoked that sense of nationalism again... but I am still having doubts as to where this will all go. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this would really lead to that "Change for the Good" that we are all dreaming of. I mean, it is still better that there are organizations like this who are cultivating that sense of ownership to what is happening in our country than nothing at all... for the past years there had been complete apathy among all of us despite the obvious harassments the previous president was doing. And good thing recently, we have seen the reawakening of everyone from Cory's death to the active participation of everyone during the 2010 election... although that enthusiasm seems to be slipping back to apathy in the past year...

I personally accept the whole point of the CMD, that we have to step up, level up a bit already in our acts to push our nation forward. We really have to go back to the people... we must not lose that drive again... but still I am having hesitations... there will still be people, even of my generation, who might have that self-interest first imbedded in their system... that they might be part of this CMD thing which will slow down everything... Our nation needs a major overhaul.... in as much as I don't want to have negative hope about all this, but I guess it's worth a try. I might join and give it a try... :-)

I am an idealistic person... but not to the point that I would really join political groups and all that even back in college. Apathy still controls me. Add to that the disillusion i experienced after observing political groups in UP. But i guess at this time of huge opportunities to change the direction of the Philippines, it is about time to get involved... I just hope I can keep this enthusiasm. :-)

Centrist Democratic Movement meeting
The Lobby Bar, Garden Orchid Hotel
Canelar, Zamboanga City
21 January 2011

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