Saturday, January 8, 2011

promding chamimay's 2010 bests (2 of 2)

....continuation from Promding Chamimay's 2010 bests (1 of 2)

12.) Davao trip with my dude! our first real trip together. :-) i love the Samal Island exploration part! he was able to meet my cousins from Sultan Kudarat who were also in Davao that time.

13.) Chuchay's 1st Zambo visit! my kuyapots baby... and on some instances my look-alike... hihi. she's just one year and 2 months old when they came here, but she sure can run already... it's fun playing with her because she got the wits of a 2year old already. she can understand things you tell her. i love how we clicked. :-) wish for another chuchay visit this 2011! :D it's gonna be more fun because we can now have conversations hehehe

14.) Old Manila photowalk!  we've done this before... pasig river cruise, binondo food&photowalk, and the very tiring intramuros walk! i arranged this trip for Leo but he was not able to make it on the last minute... but since this is an opportunity for me ang my igits to get together again (because except for gagay and ezra, we work in different companies now). the binondo foodtrip was gastronimically great! i love the lumpia the most!!! thanks for giving me your day dudes and dudettes hehehe despite the fact that it's monthend... :D lotsa looooooove!

15.) bonding time with my sibs and pamangkins! this is also chuchay and unopot's first time to meet in person. :-) we decided to meet in MOA to make it easier for Kuya to commute with chuchay. we ended up inside Nido's Science Discovery Center in MOA. it was perfect for the kiddos. lots of stuff to explore and lots of space to run around. plus its carpeted and airconditioned!!! hehehe we converted it into chuchay and unopot's playground hehe... we stayed there for hours, just being complete because that rarely happens these days... :-) i miss the times that we wrestled and chitchats, just the 3 of us... but the addition of these 2 kiddos added lots of fun to the get together! hehehe til next time baduday and kuyapots. :D

16.) Photography with a Difference! got myself invited by my friend Grace Sojor in Tzu Chi's Photography with a Difference activity. the goal, to let special kids enjoy a day, and at the same time let them experience taking photos. most of the photographers invited were zamboanga city's bests... it's kinda awkward that i carry with me a Canon D10 while their gears were just awesome hehe... the kid i played with became everyone's favorite, Kevin had been tagging along with me almost the whole time that's why i get to be in a lot of photos too. :-)

17.) Bohol trip with my dude and Sol's family. we tagged along sol's family so we dont need to spend so much... hehehe we ended up having more fun... this is my 2nd time in Bohol, we did the usual tour, but the best part for me is the dolphin watch and the snorkeling... we didn't get to do that last time i was with my friends because we were there when Ondoy was also there. :D

18.) Tacloban food trip with ezra. Im not done blogging about the whole trip. We enjoyed it so much I wanna blog about each place we visited. I'm still halfway to date. :-) my faves, the food trip! (specially at Sunzibar and The Stalk Exchange) and the 30min stroll in San Juanico bridge... really awesome! :-) 

19.) CMZ Fun Run! i was not able to enjoy the run, i was waiting at the finish line...making sure everything goes as planned. :-) but im glad the general feedback is good! its nice to see that a lot of the participants, specially the employees enjoyed the run. :-)

20.) Mindanao Bloggers' Summit! one of my blogs won a jeepney! if i have to pick the best experience i had in 2010 it will have to be this.... :-) it's nice that you get acknowledged for what you're doing... not that im blogging to be praised,i blog because i feel the need to express myself... so its a major major plus if your work is being noticed. :-) add to that the real good feedback i get from friends... :-) hoping to more blogging this 2011!  yeba!

21.) Hammie!!! although im not driving him to this date but im just happy i finally get to have my first car... hehe can't wait to learn... will be all over the place for sure. :D

22.) my almost christmas Manila trip. went there to be Uno's photographer on his 1st birthday... had some sidetrip with Astropips in Bannaple, Ayala triangle and Glorietta. :-) thanks for showing me the city lights guys... i miss them... hehe

23.) Highschool reunion... i didn't expect i would enjoy it to the max... probably because this time i have my crazy girlfriends, no more awkward moment with my dude, and i'm not part of the organizing team anymore! good job batch 2000! that was one smooth get together... :-)

cheers to 2010!
...and 2011 please be nice to me. :-)


  1. I enjoyed looking at your photos! They're all evidences that you enjoyed 2010 so much :) hope 2011 will be a greater year :)

    xoxo hazel



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