Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Regatta" and "For Me" now in Zamboanga!!!

i've been aching to blog about this new discovery right after I saw the new stores in downtown zamboanga this afternoon... well I know it's not much of a big deal for the Metro people, but yes something as small as this is already worth blogging down here hehehe....

I was on a hunt for something that's why i found myself in downtown Zambo (which I suppose I haven't been to in a while because I didn't know new things sprouted more like overnight hehe)... I passed by Shopper's Center (the mini mall beside Southway "mini" mall), and decided to check what replaced the Adidas shop that transferred out. I hope nobody saw me when i had my jaw-dropping moment after seeing For Me and Regatta shops on that spot!!!  At first I wasn't so sure it was really For Me because logo's changed... but i'll never doubt Regatta's classic logo. :D that just confirms it!

I hurriedly went inside to check out their display... the shop's chic as always! and the clothes does not look like rejects/leftovers from other branches from long ago... well at least that's my first impression.... We had Bayo in Southway but the clothes there look pathetic... more like really leftovers. I even saw my sis' bolero which she bought from Bayo Manila some 3years ago... oh! and the dressing room? i suppose this is the first CHIC dressing room in all of Zamboanga!!! Finally!!! a place to dress up without feeling calustrophobic with plain white walls and pathetic looking mirrors hehehe...

I'm just waaayyyy too excited to have For Me and Regatta here... :D Regatta and For Me are in my favorite list of shops because i simply love their clothes! although a bit pricey but still i like the style and the colours...and material is also good... For Me is one of the few brands that I get to buy a pair of jeans that does not look short for me... :-)

I get to chat with the owner (which I forgot to ask the name... blogger mode fail!), the 2 shops opened December 30,2010... 

Found what I was hunting for in For Me... kilig kilig!

hope there'll be more shops coming!!! please include starbucks, cafe bretton, banapple, italianis... hehehehe just wishful thinking....

Regatta & For Me
Shoppers Center
Zamboanga City
23 January 2011
Camera: Canon Powershot D10


  1. Hurray for new shops and a brand new reason to go to town. In addition, sana meron rin tayo dito shop for Anthology shoes.

    Heard rin na soon to open na ang Robinsons dito *keeps finger crossed*

  2. hello! nice for you to drop by again! :-)

    yeah, heard about anthology shoes too... sana nga hehehe...i have a strong feeling that there'll be more coming... hehehe

    robinsons is confirmed... they bought a lot already, the one with the warehouse beside/behind 3rd cup... last month i heard demolition of the structure there is already in progress although there are also rumors that they backed out... i dunno...

    join zamboanga thread... you'll learn about new things in zambo there.... :-)

  3. Mas promdi ang city namin. Walang mall. And it's siya pero walang mall. Malaking grocery meron.



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