Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ciudad Medical Zamboanga experience

A little warning... i'm an employee of the hospital so don't expect any negative comments around here... hehehe if ever I experienced any, I already communicated with the right people and were dealt with. :-)


For the past 3 years December had always been bad to me... with all the stress from work (oh yeah, that yearend thing), add to that the gazillion parties (good if you're just attending but if you're part of the help... uhmmm...), last minute trips and that freezing air... i usually end up sniffing and weezing either the whole month or few days after the new year... but 2010 made the greatest hit, i got me confined... and for what... for some community acquired pneumonia!

so... that's how pneumonia feels... kinda scary... i started with just some slight palpitation which I thought was the effect of too much cola that day, then i had slight fever, then the worst... painful breathing... i can feel my back exerting too much effort everytime i breath followed by fast palpitations... i still had parties in line that week but doctor decided to keep me tied up in the hospital to stop my "im ok" attitude and prevent pneumonia from getting worst...

this is my first time to be hospitalized... nice to experience my company's service first hand... during my first day, the nurses do not know who i am which is good because i get to observe the service unbiased... except for the IV blooper, everything was great. nurses were nice, the antibiotic injected in my IV gives that burning pain once it hit my veins... i appreciate that they tried to make it less painful. the periodic check of my BP and temperature was done unobtrusively... our rooms were cleaned 1-2x daily (the janitress...which until now i still don't know the name despite my constant asking for help in cleaning my office... bad!) didn't even recognize me but she was still that same polite lady... very good! i also appreciate the introduction of the new nurse on duty during change of shift (except perhaps those done during the night shift because i was having a hard time sleeping and i get to wake up during turnover, that's around 11pm).... i experienced first hand that "where's the remote control" issue we always get from our patients... hehehe but overall, i was comfortable and i liked the service. :-)

i got a lot of visitors... aside from my dude who became my errand boy... hehehe im so sorry everyone,i didn't get to take photos of all of you... my camera was safely stashed in my bag inside my cabinet so i was not click-automatic during your visits... :-) i had my parents during the first night (which i ended up babysitting hehehe), the kaladkarins dropped by too after Edsel's birthday dinner (even if it was waaaayyyy past visiting hours! abuse of employee power! hehe), my Accounting teammates also went up (thanks for helping me clean up the remaining food stash hehe), even the execom pips dropped by... hehehe thanks sooo much! :-)

and i forgot to mention my ghost visitor... hehehe you really cant live without doing crazy stuff right Elgie? :-) he's a doctor by the way... hehehe

can i just say.... the Ward Echo experience in Ciudad Medical Zamboanga was good and i deeply appreciate it... but I hope no more hospital experience for me this coming years... hehe :-)

Ward E, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga
Nunez Extension, Zamboanga City
18-20 December 2010

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