Saturday, January 8, 2011

promding chamimay's 2010 bests (1 of 2)

warning: major photo dump! :-)

been wanting to blog a little summary of my fave trips/events of 2010 since after christmas last year but work keeps getting in the way... although i still have a lot to do in the next 2weeks, just want to make sure this blog lust is covered... hehehe

i thought of coming up with a top 10 or something, but i just simply love all of the things that i was a part of last year... so here goes! :-)

1.) my first time in Basilan! although it was a visit to my dude's folks there, im glad we were able to do a little tour of Isabela City's town.... i particularly loved the playtime with my new fave kid Churit.

2.) Dipolog-Dapitan! my first trip with my new found kaladkarins! an out of the blue trip... just heard them talk about how they want to have this trip and my ears just flapped to kingdom come... :D hehe i've been holding back eversince i joined my new company, and this trip really helped me loosen up with the people im working with... chamimay is definitely back in the traveltopia after this trip. :-)

3.) Balangay's first Zambo visit. i've been following their voyage around the philippines simply because zamboanga was included as one of their stops... it just excites me that i'll be able to take photos while they're here... i missed to go the night they arrived in Paseo del Mar. So when i found out they're extending their stay but in Naval Base, a little wooing with my dude and i was there! :-) i love 2 things about this visit, I get to see the 2 balangays and I get to see Naval beach again, i spend a lot of my childhood time here... this is where i learned how to swim. :-)

4.) CMZ Admin summer outing in Patalon. my second time in the place, I didn't expect this is just the start of our Patalon-full trips this year. hehe... tried to come up with team building games for the admin group... t'was fun.

5.) Unopot's first zambo visit! my uber cheeky pamangkin... he was six months old when they came here and he's just simply squeezeble, huggeeble, kurot kurot... hehehe had a blast taking tons of photos with him...

6.) the accident... although this is not a good thing to look back to, i just feel lucky that nothing major really happened to us. the fact that we got out of the whole incident unscratched made me really greatful that i still get to experience the rest of my 2010...

7.) fishpond party! invited the team to our fishpond, celebrated my birthday at the same time.... although we were only able to catch very tiny tilapias but the whole experience was the fun part. :-)

8.) Balangay's 2nd zambo visit. they made zambo their jumpoff point for their Asian voyage... they stayed here for about a month i think while waiting for another balangay from butuan that already has its own motor.... we cant let this pass without taking photos while on board the balangay. we even made some friends from the crew!

9.) Sol & Gie in Zamboanga! eversince I moved back a lot of my Manila friends want to come here... glad that i'm able to bring "tourists" down here... hehehe my dream since college... :D brought them to the usual places of interest in the city. but i guess it's the sta cruz trip that really made the umpf to their visit. :-)

10.) Lupong/Cabatangan trip. another place from my childhood! :-) never been here for years... but i remember this is where we stop after a family jog... it got a really nice sweeping view of zamboanga city. we went there this time as a sidetrip after visiting mam june (who lives somewhere near Lupong) for her birthday. perfect timing for some sunset photoshoot!

11.) Patalon mini falls and beach. due to Rae's insistent demand that we go to a mini-waterfalls in patalon that lets you go through a "virgin" forest, we actually got our asses there. :-) Lucky for Mr. Rae that it rained hard the night before because there's lots of water for us to appreciate the insy-winsy falls. hehe but we still enjoyed ourselves. passed by Zambo Ecozone, hoping that we'll be able to zipline but it was a major fail. we just took photos and head to the beach. :-) be continued. I need to break this into 2 posts because there's too many photos to dump in just one. :-)

here's link to 2nd post: promding chamimay's 2010 bests (2 of 2)


  1. waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bitin...bilis ang part 2....super likey...

  2. hehehe konti na lang kayo dun sa 2nd part... mostly mga trips namin ni leo... :D hehehehehe damihan natin this year!!! :D

  3. ate, 3 1/2 months pa lang si uno when he first visited zambo noh! hehehe!:) super likey!

  4. ay hunga pala... hehehe dito na lang sa comment icocorrect hihi :D



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