Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dapitan: Sunset Boulevard

It's just but appropriate to create one photoblog for Dapitan's Sunset Boulevard! :-)
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It's nice to see a sunset from the northern part of Mindanao. :-) The Sunset Boulevard's shore is like a cove that's why sunsets there are not just the sea and the setting sun... but includes silhouettes of the portion of the cove that encloses it. :-)
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The boulevard is a long stretch of old and new dapitan and gray sand beach. :-)
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I love how the side of the street leading to the beach is also lined with trees. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On some parts nipa huts were placed for rent for people who wants to have a mini picnic there. Although the beach is open for free to the public.
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A lot of pension houses had sprouted along the boulevard. If you're planning to visit Dapitan it is best to stay in one of the pension houses along Sunset Boulevard. Prices are affordable, plus it's just a few steps to a good beach and it's just a few meter's walk towards Gloria de dapitan. :-)
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The beach is all sand, just not white though. But it's a very fine gray sand. It feels good to rub it against your feet. :-) We've tried to take a dip, but the water was surprisingly cold despite the very hot afternoon that time. We didn't stay too long because of the cold, but also I think the locals really discourage night swimming.
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At night, the whole stretch of the Sunset Boulevard transforms into a gimik place. With the barbeque stands, the dinner at the beach, Gloria de Dapitan, and those streetlights (i'm sorry but I hate them hehe)... the place seem to be like the Baywalk before.
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We just walked from our room in Villa Pilar to the nice spots along Sunset Boulevard and we felt really safe. :-) I'm really loving Dapitan!!!

Sunset Boulevard, Dapitan City
February 26-27, 2010

Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 70

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