Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dipolog: Holy Rosary Cathedral & Magsaysay Park

we messed up with our original itinerary... hehehe we're supposed to do the Dipolog tour in Day1 but opted to go to Linabo peak instead... we decided to move the Dipolog tour on our last day before we head back to Zamboanga... only when we arrived at the Holy Rosary Cathedral did we realized it was not a good time since it was a sunday and mass is scheduled almost every hour... :D

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but i still want to photograph the church. :D i love how it looks from the outside... i think this facade is just new, iv seen photos on the net without these bricks yet...i like the effect of the arches.

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even with the mass going on...i've tried to conquer my "hiya" so i can see and photograph the altar even from a distance... this altar was designed by Rizal. :-)

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i'm not sure about who designed the ceiling and other would carvings though... hehehe but i love how it all matches together and gives a grand aura inside the church. :-)

directly in front of the church was the Magsaysay Park... typical park except that they have a mini-Jurassic Park (where the dinasaours are getting their skin off already) and a mini-ampitheater.... we were already rushing around so i didn't to take photos already.... but when we saw these colorful giant shoes.... we just really have to stop... hehe :D
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  1. hello girl! great photos. wow! inggit ako. My late lolo worked at Zamboanga nung teen daw siya. But he's Ilocano, born and raised there but lakwatsero siya so kung saan saan napupunta.

    btw thank you so much for the comment. means a lot to me. Hope to see more of your amazing photos.

    have a great day!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  2. hi denise :-) thanks for visiting my blog. :D

    am always happy everytime i meet people who find some zambo-connection from their relatives... hehe a little assurance that its not that bad down here after all... :D

    thanks for the comment too! always looking forward to your fab posts... :D

  3. Though new, that church looks sooo magnificent! Good thing you conquered your 'hiya', your readers were able to peek inside the church - including me!

    Parang ang sarap magpakasal dyan. Hihi.

    Nice posts, I love hearing from Pinay travellers. More adventures for this year!

  4. hello po ms pinay travel junkie! :-) thank you so much for visiting my blog again! :-)

    ganda nga... nagulat din ako when i saw yung ceiling, yung altar lang kasi iniexpect kong makita e hehe :-)

    yeah, more adventures to us!!! :D thanks po ulit!



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