Friday, April 2, 2010

Dapitan: Map of Mindanao and St.James Church

Dapitan City.
February 26, 2010

We've completely veered away from our itinerary, doing Linabo peak first... we had little time left in the afternoon to explore Dapitan City... we rushed to their town to check out the Map of Mindanao and St. James Church before sundown...

Map of Mindanao
I was particularly excited about this one. This was created by Jose Rizal during his exile in Dapitan. And I first heard about this back in highschool when our English teacher was telling us about a student winning the Photojourn category in the Press Conference, one of her shot included this map taken from the bellfry of St.James Church since this is just directly in front of the church.
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I had created a picture of it in my mind. I would usually think that it is similar with the Philippine map in Luneta Park in Manila which is made of cement and then water around the supposed islands. That's why I was a bit shocked that it's actually just made up of soil and grass... shaped like Mindanao. :-) I like how it's different from the usual maps in parks... :-) There was an a mass when we got there so we were not able to try to go up the bellfry and capture the map... so i just took a photo of the Zamboanga Peninsula instead. :-) It's so huge I dunno how else to capture a bigger area and still make it look like Mindanao...
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The locals have painted names of coastal places around the map. Everyone got excited to see Dipolog and Dapitan so we really have to take this photo. :-)
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St. James Church
This is the church where Jose Rizal would usually hear mass during his exile in Dapitan. I'm not so sure though if this is the same structure during his time.
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I've seen photos of the interior of this church. I was excited to see the checkered ceiling but there was a mass during our visit so we didnt dare go inside and take photos. So we just took photos from the Map of Mindanao area. :-)
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***I'm loving Dapitan... :-)

all photos were taken from my Canon Digital Ixus 70.

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