Tuesday, April 27, 2010

glimpse of Pagadian

i had been to Pagadian twice... but it's always a less than 4hrs pass-through. :D the first was some 12 years ago when we were on our way to Cagayan de Oro, we stayed in Pagadian for a few hours while waiting for our boat going back to Zamboanga City. I remember how i hated riding their tricycles because it was soooo uncomfortable (specially if you're the one riding on the backseat hehe)... it was the most unusually built tryk i've encountered.

well, they have a good reason for their tricycles... Pagadian is not a valley but built on mountains... so most of their roads have uphills...here's a view from top of one of their main roads... nice view of the ocean already... :-)

this is how it looks like from the other side of the main road (photo above)... this time we're going uphill... :-)

last time i was here i remember going to their only mall so we can buy some food for the boattrip... i think this is that same mall... it looks new this time... hehe must be newly painted... but i didn't get to check how it looks inside... we were going around town for some errands (this was the time when we had the accident in Dumalinao, we initially brought our patient to Pagadian... and me and my dude were tasked to go around, so i was able to get the chance to at least take photos hehe)

i promise the next time i'll be in Pagadian it would be a real trip hehe :D

Note: Pagadian was declared by GMA to be the center for Region IX (which i strongly oppose -- without offense to Pagadian folks)... I just hope the next president will come to his senses and stop this crazy move of GMA... government offices are incurring additional big costs for the rent of office spaces in Pagadian (while they already have their own buildings here in Zamboanga City), and transportation allowances and all of their employees who are based in Zambo but needs to report in Pagadian every other week (syempre they can not fire all Zambo employees and replace them with Pagadian based people)... yun lang. :D hehe

Pagadian City
01 April 2010

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