Monday, April 9, 2012

happy 0.5yo birthday my siopao!

we went back to the beach!!! supposedly for Easter but we know how the beach around here is during that day so we decided to go back on the last holiday before workweek starts... and right on it's our little siopao's 6th month!!!

it was just a little family gathering... my parents and my inlaws... plus hubby's cousin that i was able to bond during her review here in Zambo... we went back to La Vista del Mar, we were there around 8am beating everyone else so we can enjoy the resort's crowdless atmosphere.

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the plan is to have a "0.5years old breakfast beach birthday party"! we only plan to stay for an hour or 2... so it's just breakfast. :-) we had danggit!, lemon garlic pasta with tuna, longganiza, corned beef, fried rice ala hubbyness, cupcakes as birthday cake, hotdogs! and egg omelette (one version is with Malunggay in it)... our breakfast is soooo pretty!!!

after breakfast we tried to bath the siopao again, this time no more surprise dipping hehe... i brought his bathtub with us because he loves his bathtime so much in there that there were times he's trying to swim in that small space... so I just thought maybe we can make him at ease with seawater through the tub first before bringing him in the biggest tub ever...and it worked!!! although he was still scared when dipped but at least this time no more major resistance, just that curious but scared face. :-) 

and then it was the grown ups' turn to have fun.... underwater shots!!! in fairness we can somehow have clear underwater shots in La Vista. :-) 

even my parents were not able to resist the water... it had been years since i last saw them swim... :-) more like before i was in high school i think... specially my papang... :-) i love this photo.... we were all having fun really. :-)

was able to convince papang to have an underwater shot! haha... he was a Navy so i'm confident he can do this. :-) I showed him this photo and he can't get over it... hehehe he was still talking about it when we were relaxing while waiting for blackout to end tonight. :-)

i can tell we all had fun today. :-) even the little siopao who usually cries when it comes to my inlaws... but today, he was friendly with everybody... happy siopao = happy everybody. :-) he even loved his moments with his younger cousin... :-)

just one of those perfectly ordinary days. love!

happy 0.5years old sweetheart! mwuah!


    Imagine...haveing a 0.5 year old bday celebration!!!

  2. happy 0.5 bithday baby paopao!:) miss you loads! loving papang's underwater shot! tawa ako ng tawa. hahahahahaha!:)


  3. Happy 0.5 yr old :3 d q pa nadadala si Kian sa beach :))



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