Friday, April 27, 2012

nappy verdict

some 2years ago i never thought i would be talking about diapers so soon... hehehe... i was even shocked by the price when i accompanied my sister buy her Uno his supply while here in Zambo... and all those nappy commercials, i really didn't mind them at all.

but today, lemme share some diaper thoughts... hehe me and hubby had been discussing which one's worth it... pao started with Huggies when he was still at the Nursery... 7 days after, he developed some red spots on the hindcheeks... i decided i'll change his diapers to Pampers New Baby... and the reds were gone! we used that until he was over a month old... then we were on different diapers every month, experimenting'll notice it in my monthly birthday photos of pao... thoughts and reviews and the final decision to settle on which nappy below...
1st month: Pampers New Baby. this saved us from the red spots that could have worsen into some diaper rash... i like that it remains dry even inside even though it looks so full already. it can last the whole day!!! i like the fit too, the color and design is very straightforward, almost plain-looking so no need to worry if it matches or not with the top...

2nd month: Pampers Comfort. this is the one that's being highly advertised by Pampers. It's the cheaper end of Pampers... sizing is smaller than the other Pampers so you have to go up one size higher so it wont be too tight for your baby... contrary to the ads, it can not last the whole day! you have to change in between... and it feels wet when lightly squeezed.

more photos after the jump. Please click "Read more".

3rd month: Huggies Dry. We tried to go back to Huggies specially now that it had a major price cut... i always thought Huggies is the most expensive nappy... design-wise, it's nice. the prints, although darker than Pampers, is still tolerable and doesn't look overdone....i dunno if its just me or it really looks uncomfy for my baby... it's almost similar to Pampers Comfort... it feels wet when wet... hehe diaper rash had begun its comeback... so change is needed pronto!

4th month: EQ Dry. the ads were definitely exaggerating the capacity of this nappy... among all that we're tried this one's the fastest to get filled... and it doesn't look comfy on pao too... or masyado lang talagang OC si mommy hehe... and the color? crazy!!! small is pink! you have no choice, boy or girl it will have to be pink! medium size is green (as seen in photo above)... it looks a bit baduy with pao's Magdalo shirt... so definitely this is a major fail for mommy...

after all the nappy hop.... we made a decision, it will be Pampers Active Baby for our pao... it still feels dry even though it looks really full... the diaper rash was surely gone! design is subtle so no worries about the kabaduyan... although this one's more expensive (with at least 3peso difference from the other nappies) but it gives the comfort our little man deserves... and he's very giggly all the time! very happy and comfortable baby. :-) 


  1. Kian used Pampers ever since. We tried EQ but we sticked to pampers! Hindi ba nagrurush si Pao to any pampers? :)

    1. not nice ang EQ noh?

      sa Pampers Comfort mejo ngrered minsan pwet nya, kaya we're sticking with the Active Baby na talaga... mas expensive pero ngcut na rin naman sila ng price. :-)

  2. yep nice ang pampers active baby, ginagamit din ni yayam yan paminsan. try mo rin ang drypers charm. parang active baby rin sya pero mas mura ng konti pag yung maramihan na ang bili mo :)

    yang dalawang brands lang ang ok ke yayam. sa huggies naga rash sya so definitely a no-no for yayam. i don't like EQ too kasi sobrang wide tas sandali lang leak agad. pampers comfort is ok but like what you said, we need to change the nappy every now and then.

    expensive ang pampers active baby and drypers but it's all worth it for our babies :)

    1. moni nitry namin drypers the past days... mejo not ko rin feel... hehe so active baby na talaga pao... hihihi :D

  3. Hi I just started reading your blog yesterday and saw this thru denise. I have a suggestion para sa problema mo with diaper rashes. Alagaan mo lang ng aquaphor yun skin ni baby specially sa butt at singit. I dunno if aquaphor is available na sa pinas pero same lang xa ng petroleum jelly mas mild lang for baby's skin. I think kahit anung diaper pa yan importante na may skin protectant pa din. :)



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