Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wesmincom Chapel (Zamboanga City)

5th church stop. from San Roque we were thinking where to go next... i suggested we try going inside Wesmincom (formerly known as Southcom), because we can visit 2 chapels there... good thing we were allowed to get inside, they're usually strict specially if they are on red alert. we first visited Southcom chapel because it is the nearest from the base's main entrance.

i don't have memories of this chapel because i never get to attend mass here except for my twin nephews' christening... but this chapel is special to my parents because they got married here. :-) it looks big in their wedding photos but the chapel is just small when you get there. :-) but i love the chill feel of the chapel. probably because of the huge tree beside it.

Wesmincom/Southcom Chapel
Wemincom, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City
Visita Iglesia Zamboanga 
April 21, 2011


  1. I have never been to this chapel yet.. :) How I wish I can do this with my family some time... *sigh :)

    1. the visita iglesia activity? yeah, you should... it's a good family bonding activity and you get to see churches around our city. :-)

  2. i've never been to the wesmincom chapel. and i have to admit that i never experienced visita iglesia too @_@



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