Thursday, April 26, 2012

tummy bed strikes again! :-)

i'm not complaining though...i'm actually loving it. :-) well at least for now, i just hope it won't turn into a bad habit both for me and pao...

this photo was taken when he was still 4months old... this was the only instance back then... but the past 3-4days he's having some crying moments in the middle of his sleep, before it was just a sign for feeding time... but lately he wants something else... he cries and tries to lift his body as if wanting to be carried, and all that while his eyes are still closed... so the mommy instinct tells me to carry him, and he stops crying immediately... i have tried lying down, same as in the photo below, with pao on my tummy/chest... and he gets to sleep soundly while we are in this position, but he prefers to be faced down while sleeping over me now...

the "tummy bed" term was actually coined by my sister... she experienced the same "lambing" from her son... i wonder if this happens to your baby too? :-) i wanna know, please tell me... hehe i just want to make sure this is normal haha!


  1. i used to do that with my youngest when he was a baby (0 up to 4 months old yata)or else both of us will never sleep.

    1. wow still very young... i was scared to sleep face down during those months because of what i've read about SID...



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