Monday, April 16, 2012

happy big birthday kuyapots!!!

to the kuya who 
  • made me and the other kids in the neighborhood climb our guava tree and play Star Trek, play-pretend that the guave tree's our version of the Enterprise hehe...
  • made me play baril-barilan and even made us one wooden gun each(with bottle caps as bullets) and made the whole neighborhood our battlefield
  • made me eat leaves of "batuan"... well he and my other crazy cousin
  • helped me catch HUGE grasshoppers in the grassy portion of Zambo's runway (the bugs are for my science project hehe)
  • made me join him fly kites in Zambo's runway (yep, that was part of our playground before... hehe well, at least we declared so), and made me run when there was an AirForce car going towards us kasi nga bawal ang kites sa runway! haha
  • made me pick up used bullets in EAAB's firing range after school
  • made me join him pass by EAAB's motorpool after school and play there (outdoor stuff and Nintendo... because we don't have one at home nyaha!)
  • made my school artworks... because i suck big time in doing anything artsy before and he was like our (me and my sister's) art god! hehe
  • taught me how to ride the bike
  • was more excited about me going to highschool.... he taught me algebra summer before my first year... which made me feel like algebra's just a piece of cake nyaha!
  • spoiled me with bookstuff when he was in the academy
  • locked us up (kuyapangets, baduday and me) in one room for chika galore after not seeing each other for months (kuya in the academy, me in manila, baduday in zambo)
  • freaked me out when he said they'll be staging a coup... 
  • freaked me out some more when he was texting me while they were in Oakwood, giving me instructions what to do should worst things happen... all that while im taking my pre-board exam! nyaha!
  • made me look forward to cooking weekends inside his jail hehe...
  • made me experience Cavite!
  • despite all the things he had gone through remained that sweet kuyapangets namin... 
all these and more kalokohan before... suuuper thank you!!! happiest birthday kuyapots!!! you made our childhood more fun with all your crazy stuff! i'm glad you're not the strict kuya, but one who just let us be while giving those pangaral side comments subtly... you made us grow on our own while keeping watch... and it's making me smile seeing the way you handled us is the same way you're handling chuchay now... she'll grow up fine for sure... 

we're (me, mamang and baduday... and now alyn and chuchay) the luckiest girls in the whole wide world because we have you! :D 

yihee! ipagpatuloy ang kasentihan! haha! 

lotsa love kuyapots! happy birthday!!! mwah!!



  1. Awww I wish I had a kuya too. Happy birthday to your kuya! hehehehe I think I'll get a nervous breakdown if i get a text that my kuya was staging a coup! hahahah :))

  2. i have always wanted a brother. D: happy birthday to your brother. he sounds really cool. :DD

  3. WOW! Happy Bday to ur big bro, I wish I have an older bro too who is so caring as yours :D



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