Friday, April 13, 2012

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Concepcion (Zamboanga City)

8th church stop. since moving from the west to east coast of the city we will somehow pass by the Cathedral (well at least based on our route) so despite our goal to visit new churches we included it in our visits. 

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Concepcion in Zamboanga is one of the most photographed churches in the city, well for obvious reasons... so i will just be sharing photos from a regular church-goer's point of view (except for the photos from the supposed choirs' area on top of the spiral staircase hehe)
view from one of the center pews where we would usually sit when we attend mass here.
how the altar looked like from the top of the spiral staircase (in the area where i'm assuming was intended for choirs)... I'm actually intimidated by the grandness of the Cathedral now, honestly i like the feel of the old Cathedral more. The Cathedral now just makes me feel the power of the church (oh this religion thing is another issue for me which i don't intend to include in this post). But despite being eaten up by the grandness of it now, I still love the high ceiling and the huge arcs on it... 

more photos after the jump. Please click "Read more".

stained glass... this is the one you'll see in photos of the church's front. this one's taken from the inside.

baptism area downstairs. nice colors. :-)

Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Concepcion
downtown Zamboanga City
Visita Iglesia Zamboanga
April 21, 2011


  1. Before I graduated from high school, a massive fire happened destroying several houses along Nunez extension. The cathedral refused to take people in claiming that they might destroy the church. Ateneo took them in instead allowing them to stay in the classrooms. From then on, I've got a bit of grudge against the cathedral :P What use is a beautiful church if it cannot serve its people?

    1. may ganun? sabagay had some cathedral "diva" experience din... there was one Holy Week when we decided to attend the Good Friday mass/service at the cathedral.. when we got there i was wondering why maraming tao sa baba... yun pala nakaclose na sa taas... they dont want people standing kaya nung napuno na sa taas e they closed it... but since people since wanna attend they just littered below... naku that time i was still undergoing that faith-challenge... kaya usok agad tenga ko... though i've resolved my faith issues alrdy i would still remember some small diva moments i've experienced not just from cathedral but some church as well... im still keeping my faith though but not entirely loving church's actions sometimes. :D hehehe



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