Friday, April 20, 2012

lemon garlic pasta

this is my latest pasta craze... :-) i'm the kind who kept on cooking the same pasta recipe discovered over and over until i grow tired of it... hehe 

i can't remember where exactly I got the idea for a lemon-garlic pasta... but I think i've tried it or seen it in menus of one of pasta restos in Manila before... and since my discovery of lemons being sold at La Tienda here in Zamboanga, this pasta with lemon garlic sauce had become my usual...

for this batch i've used our newly harvested prawns sauteed with fresh basil leaves as my topping... although the pasta and the sauce is already good as it is... i guess, it's that Filipino thing that always make me look for something to top my pasta.

more photos and lemon-garlic pasta recipe after the jump. :-) Please click "Read more"

my first harvest from the only plant in my herb garden! haha! it's my first time to cook with fresh basil... i didn't know that a few leaves is enough already... my sauteed prawns with basil was somehow overdone... :-)

notice the lighting of this photo? i love that it captured that late afternoon feel... that 4-5pm sunlight when it's not too hot anymore and it's not sunset yet... i've been wanting to capture the feeling on that time of the day... brings back childhood memories for me... that time when we rest after play and have merienda... i wish i'm good with words so i can clearly describe the feeling... i actually missed that... i rarely get to experience that when i was still working in Manila... i'm glad i have those moments again on weekends... :-)

as of this post, i am still in this lemon-garlic pasta craze... hehehe  am already thinking already what to top my pasta this weekend

lemon-garlic pasta recipe:

125g penne pasta (or any pasta you like)
4 tablespoon olive oil
6 gloves of garlic (finely chopped)
lemon juice (squeezed from 1 lemon)
parmesan cheese
salt & pepper

cook pasta as indicated in pack.

in another pan, saute garlic in olive until golden brown. lower the heat at this point. add a dash of salt & pepper to your liking. :-) then add the lemon juice and let all the ingredients mix for a minute or less. bring in the cooked pasta, ensure every pasta is coated by the lemon-garlic-olive oil mixture. turn off the heat and add as much parmesan cheese as you like. :-)

at this point, the pasta with the lemon-garlic and parmesan is already good as it is... if you want to put some toppings, make sure you don't mix it with the pasta...otherwise the topping may overpower the lemon-garlic combi and you won't get to appreciate it. treat the toppings like an ulam to rice thing. 


  1. Hmmm, looks delish!
    will try this. thanks for sharing!


  2. Easy peasy recipe! Even I can do that :D Hahaha Fresh basil (and any other fresh herb) is potent indeed :D But I love love basil so it's all good ;)

  3. definitely something I WILL try. I am a big pasta lover. Sometimes I eat pasta with just olive oil LOL This is very simple and the ingredients are easily found in a kitchen :) Thanks for sharing!

    Spanish Pinay

  4. ok, I'm back just to say I actually just did this for lunch... sarap! instead of shrimp though, I used namitake mushrooms and some york ham (kasi yun lang ang meron ako sa ref right now). All three of us are having colds right now so the lemony taste of the pasta is really great! I get to use the lemon salt I have too and it was perfect for this dish. Thanks for giving me an idea for today's lunch. I really didn't feel like doing some elaborated meal so this one saved my day (simple na masarap pa!)

    Spanish Pinay

    1. yey! natuwa naman ako you liked it... :-) yey yey yey!

  5. nice one, Charm... the pics, the recipe... looks so inviting!!!... can you bring some....

  6. Oh my, that looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing this



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