Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our Lady of the Purificacion Parish (Sta Maria, Zamboanga City)

2nd church stop. This is another church from my past! nyaha! i grew up in Sta Maria but we rarely spend sundays here (it's usually at the EAAB chapel)... but i can remember several Sta Maria church activities which we joined (i just cant remember which ones). This was not the original structure... I think this replaced the old Sta Maria Church sometime in the late 80's or early 90's (i'm not so sure, I just have this image of my sister in her angel outfit during a procession of the church... she was around 4-5years old then).  I wish I will be able to find an old photo of the older structure.

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marbled altar
i love the ceiling details

i suppose these are fountains?

Our Lady of the Purificacion Parish
Sta Maria, Zamboanga City
Visita Iglesia Zamboanga
April 21, 2012


  1. I live in Sta Maria! but we sometimes hear mass at the EAAB chapel. :D

  2. I live in Sta. Maria too! My fountain2 na pala sila? Must visit the church soon! :)

  3. thanks gio and patricia for the comments! :-)

    uy im not sure if its really a fountain ha... inassume ko lang hehe... these photos are from last year pa, so i suppose if fountains nga yan e working na dapat by now... :-)

  4. it's a fountain! :D nagwowork siya pag may special occasions lang. ehe! parang sta. maria lang nakatira. haha.

    1. thanks for the confirmation Angel... i wanna see it work! hehe :-)



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