Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Lady of La Naval Chapel (Phil Navy, Zamboanga City)

6th church stop. Another church from my past! My papang used to work in the Philippine Navy's base here in Zamboanga. And this is the chapel inside the base. We would spend Saturdays of our summers in this base playing at the beach and we were even taught how to swim by their frogmen... :-) 

I will always associate this chapel with Easter!!! because there were several Easter sunday spent here... I can still remember how excited I am for the easter egg hunt right after the mass! I always end up with just white eggs (not good enough for any price hehe). But I can vividly remember this particular boy in his pambahay shorts and slippers who would come to the chapel only in time for the egg hunt... and he gets the most number of eggs because he would even dig up the turtle's egg in one of the mini pools inside the base! oh how i hate him back then... i wonder where that kid is now....

I think they have made renovations in the chapel already... because i'm trying to recall how it looked like before because this one seem to look new... 

the charm of this place is that cute little chapel feel and the sea breeze!!! it's just a few steps from the base's beach! 

We stayed here longer than we did in other churches during this visita iglesia... it's chillax with the sea breeze! oh how it brings a million childhood memories just being in that place. :-) soooo many beautiful happy memories. :-) 

I forgot to mention in my San Roque church post that at the time we were doing our visita iglesia we noticed that there was no other doing it, most people seem busy with the preps for the afternoon church activity. However, we bumped into a family who's doing the same visita iglesia as us... we met them at San Roque church... and later we both shared smiles when we saw each other again here at the Naval Base chapel. :-) I guess, Visita Iglesia is still not a popular practice here in Zamboanga.

Our Lady of La Naval Chapel
Naval Station, Zamboanga City
Visita Iglesia Zamboanga
April 21, 2011


  1. charm, gabi raw mostly ung visita iglesia dito sa atin. un kasi comment sa akin ng mga kilala ko. sa hapon rin kasi ako nag visita iglesia. :)

    1. ngiks! pano kaya yun e busyness na ang mga church sa gabi dahil sa lent activities nila di ba... :-) pero really i think di pa sya masyadong practice dito... kasi pansin mo hahanapin mo pa san ilalagay ang candles... hehe :D

  2. didn't do the Visita Iglesia this year... didn't visit this Church yet, too.

    1. ako din doc! hehehe last year photos pa to... was pregnantly lazy to blog last year kaya ginamit ko na lang for this year's holy week hehehe :-)

  3. I've never been to that chapel! haha we always go to the holy trinity church in Pasonanca and for some reason, we don't practice visita iglesia as a family. ;) I really enjoyed easter egg hunt too when i was young though i only get one egg most of the time :))

  4. Charm sa gabi after the last supper mass ang visita iglesia dito.. halos puno ang mga simbahan even until midnight..



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